Wednesday, 12 March 2014


A portrait of my children every week for a year.



Esther: A friend who I catch up with over the phone was asking me about Esther this week. "She is such a delight!" I said. Every day wake I wondering what new delight she will bring. And she wakes beautifully. Not too early, and always happy. Sometimes she calls out and asks if she can get up. Other times she just quietly arrives in whichever room Reuben and I are in, looking sleepy and quiet and cuddly. The other mornng Reuben and I were starting breakfast and we heard a squeak, squeak, squeak; Esther was pushing her little buggy down the hallway with her teddies in it to join us for breakfast.

Reuben: I must admit I am enjoying his frustration at Esther's "why?" phase. He does his best to answer. But in generally ends with "it just IS," or "you can't ask that!" If only he knew how many times he has asked the same question.

I approached Reuben with his hayfever nasal spray tonight and he shouted his disapproval and flung himself away. "OK," I said, "after teeth and story." Later, I handed it to him, and the objecting started, then abruptly stopped. "Ah," he said. "We agreed." And he took it.


  1. What positively scrumptious children.

  2. Lovely pieces about your two great kids! How worldly can 4 year olds be!!

    BTW....I stumbled on your FB page while finding a woman I wanted to contact and see that you have purchased a new home - great news. You may like to look at Abbie's website and the work she does for getting the best out of your new home:
    Lots of good wishes, Lynley

    1. Wonderful - glad you stumbled this way. Abbie is a friend of mine! I am knee deep in paint and curtain and bathroom fixtures.. perhaps I should get Abbie over to make sure it is working.