Friday, 20 June 2014

Daily beauty

I've been unintentionally spotting a little beauty in my every day lately - just exactly what I hoped to do when I started this blog. Here's a glimpse of what I've been seeing... 


A friend bought me flowers ages ago (more than three weeks!) and this little battler is still going. I am beginning to think someone planted a fake. A lovely fake.

Pretty jelly for my little patient (and his sister) on our new kitchen benchtop.

A pumpkin picked a little early from our garden. We made "pumpkin pie" - as in, pumpkin, kumara and leftover roast potato with rosemary and salt in filo pastry. Not bad for an afternoon's activity.

Leeks simmering in milk to go with our lemony fish.

We were drowning in winter jonquils in the early days at our old place, and I do miss them. A $4 bunch from the supermarket has brightened up my dining table, and reminded me to get some in to the garden.

And to go with them, something I stole through the fence at my mother-in-law's. Well - it was growing through to her side.

A little beauty chasing bubbles on a glorious winter day. 

Who doesn't love lined paper and kids' drawings? Strawberry by Reuben aged 4 1/2.