Sunday 26 October 2014

Down the road

I see the world, the physical, natural world, a little differently these days. I am both more and less fond of it. I think more is winning out. There is an intensity, a clarity, and an understanding of the passing of time that I had only briefly glimpsed before.

But I looked at a blossom stem on my dining table that I pulled from the side of the road and, feeling good I think, thought, "it is people who will heal me." Not nature and its beloved flowers. People.

No I didn't steal it, it was hanging over the fence behind the hospital grounds. Almost as good as blackberry picking.

I love discovering new places that are near familiar places. Love that feeling of, "this was here all along?!" The home I grew up in has a marvellous view, and as a near-adult I drove through the hills of that view for the first time and could barely contain my excitement. It helped that it was utterly beautiful. But that distant image I had gazed in to every day was right here at my feet. Wonderful! Like walking in a picture.

I remember discovering the pretty hustle and bustle of Abbeville Road in London, just across the Common and round a few corners from where we had been living for a while. How beautiful. And this was here all along?! As if I thought I had seen all there was to see in London, and the rest was just houses. Or, as happens here, paddocks and bush. And water. Ha.

I have been very curious to see what is down the back of our house, and the neighbouring houses. I knew there was a railway line of course, but had heard talk of a park and could see plenty of bush. If you walk down our street and keep a careful watch, you may come across a narrow steeply sloping long-grassed path that leads down behind the houses and gives you the option of turning left or right. I turned left, and followed a path lined with lilies that took me to a large park that almost reaches to the back of our section. This was here all along?! Further along I left the park and beaten path and tiptoed through a broken fence in to a circle of long grass, surrounded by trees and shade and sun and wild flowers. Straight up the bushy bank I could glimpse the house that stands directly behind ours. So this is what's here. You can't get any better. I dreamed about sneaking down there on days when I need a break with a blanket and a book.

Another day I took the path that leads to the right, and promises real adventure. I picked my way through long grass, back gardens on my right, and bush and a slope dropping away to my left. I peeked through in to people's beautifully untidy back gardens, and swept branches and cobwebs away as I walked. I had been hoping it would lead to somewhere and I would come out at the end of my street, but I am glad to say it didn't. Well - it led to a little final patch of long grass and a pink blossoming tree and perfect quiet. I tell you, if you have someone to kiss, this is the place to bring them.


World. Nature. You have something for me. I will keep drinking you as long as I live.

Flowers foraged by Esther and me from the pathway the day before our birthday party.


  1. Beautiful words, thoughts and wisdom. xx

  2. Hello, just checking in - trying to comment from my phone obviously doesn't work. Lovely sentiments here, thanks for sharing.