Sunday, 2 February 2014


A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther: Despite my excitement with Reuben and Esther learning to communicate, it can be a bit of a shame when your kids learn to talk properly. Now when we say one of Esther's best-ever creations, "mickey-market," she corrects us to "supermarket." She still says lots of cute things of course that we are just used to, like, "oh-wope," for over. "I not fall oh-wope." On that note, we often talk instead about keeping your balance instead of not falling over, so she says "I got my balance!" A man rode past us on his bike the other day and she said, "he got his balance!"

Reuben: We went for a train ride the other day, and after hearing our loud conversation the whole way from Johnsonville to Wellington a lovely gentleman leaned over to me from the seat behind and said, "Can I ask you a question? I'm an educator." He wanted to know how soon Reuben would be going to school and whether he was literate. He told me how impressed he was with Reuben's counting, and I told him a bit about what Reuben's kindy teacher thinks of his abilities and potential. "Well," said the gentleman, "get some sleep now because you've really got it coming." Yes," I said. Then, "sleep? Are you kidding me?" "Well he's a very interesting young man." "He is. Thank you."  I am so excited about this boy!

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  1. What a lovely conversation to have on a train. Well done, you.