Monday, 24 February 2014


A portrait of my children every week for a year.


Esther: She has a wonderful phrase, "I call it...," for when she wants to use a different word to the norm. On the stairs at Nana's she said, "I'm going down to the wooden bit," and I said, "oh yes, the landing." "I call it the wooden bit." It's a very useful phrase that is handy for all sorts.

Reuben: Grandad has a towel that says, "You're the best Dad," and the other day Reuben and I were talking about a mother in a book. "She's a very clever Mummy" I said. "I think you're a very clever Mummy too," said Reuben. "When it's your next birthday and we're grown ups I want to get you one of those towels that says, 'You're the best Mum,' but we might forget by then so I though I had better tell you now."


  1. Love love love - this is such a great project. x

  2. Oh! (I have tears in my eyes.)