Saturday 27 December 2014

Christmas Day 2014

I am pleased to report, and you lovely lot will be pleased to hear, that we had a very good Christmas Day. As the cliche goes, the kids really did make it wonderful. We were a fairly small family, but that never dampens the kids' party spirit. We had a few hiccups along the way, and always a big gap at our table.

In the spirit of this blog, here some pics of the best bits of Christmas Day, reminders for me of the good things in life. I just wish I could have captured the delight Reuben had in giving presents to others - his first step when present time started was to bring me mine - and the look of pride and joy he shot across to me as Esther opened his present to her. What a lovely boy.

We took the essential post-lunch walk and went down the track to the park not far from home. It's not really that exciting a place (well, for me) but the walk there is certainly exciting, and it's ours. The railway line runs along one edge, and I often wonder if Kent looked out the window on his many train trips and saw that park, if he knew it, and if only he knew that his family would one day be playing there.

When my mother-in-law arrived at the park, after some time she exclaimed. This was the very park where the family used to do archery, and where Kent, the young grandson of world champion archers, used to learn and play. What a lovely gift!

See that sweet face as he watches her open her new scooter?

Thank you for my present Reuben!

Esther had no great hopes for her presents, she's an undemanding little soul, so I cheekily included a present of her favourite food ever, pasta.

It was only as I sprinkled it across the table that I remembered rosemary is for remembrance.

No, no it was NOT a vegetarian meal...

Celebrating and mourning all at one table.

Reuben: "I just keep running and running, my body just seems to want to." Esther: "Come on guys!"

Check out what I found on our walk Rachel, we need to keep an eye on those and be in first!

A much loved cousin, and a much loved mousse cake.

The end of advent. Hope, joy, peace and love in one place. We're workin' on them.


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    1. Thank you, it's good to collect memories.

  2. Thank you for sharing your lovely Christmas.

  3. Absolutely beautiful xx (and I think there are some archery photos taken at that park - will see if my Dad took them.)

  4. Some tears in my eyes, for sadness and for beauty.