Monday 5 January 2015

This is life

I played the game and won the other day.

We were recently at a delightful park just up the road from our house, and, gazing at the stream in early summer, I decided we needed to do something with that stream. Get in there and get the most out of it. Out of life. So on a sunny new year day, happily joined by friends, we went paddling.

After some long sessions of splashing and picnic-ing (not quite at the same time), Reuben and I were grateful to have some time alone to head upstream together. We slipped and slided and sloshed our way hand in hand through the water, chatting in our usual way. On our way back he told me how wonderful it was to spend time just with me on this adventure. When I tucked him in to bed that night and said what a great day we had had, he said "especially that bit where it was just you and me."

Thanks Aunty Lyddie!