Monday, 7 October 2013


A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther:  It's been a week of nightime hi-jinks. One night I went in to find her sitting up in the middle of her cot with all of her blankets over the top of her head. We were both giggling as I tucked her back in. Another night when she was calling out I went in to see her and she slid down on her tummy right under the covers. I pulled them back to discover her magically flipped over on to her back, laughing and saying "hide." In the middle of another night she yelled with such urgency that I flew in to her room, adrenalin racing. When I arrived she went quiet. I pulled the blankets back to tidy them up and re-tuck, and as I did so, she giggled. Ha! It's 4am.

Reuben: While I have been writing about some of the challenging aspects of a four year old boy, this week we have had some absolutely glorious moments. One afternoon he returned after a day at Gran's and got really, really mad for a few moments, then spent the next half hour being as helpful and enthusiastic as I have ever seen. This week he has also been so lovely to Esther, helping her and checking in on her: "are you ok darling, darling?" Bringing her a teddy if she is upset. Occasionally if she hurts herself and cries I arrive to find her sprawled and yelling in his lap, him holding her close and stroking her back. His reluctance to give her up is both difficult and delightful.


  1. Rachel Broadbent8 October 2013 at 02:11

    I love these snapshots. And I particularly like this one!

  2. I've just seen this shot of Esther and I LOVE it! Beautifully captured x

  3. I love the big brother thing