Saturday, 19 October 2013

Point Jerningham - favourite places

I've had another good idea for my blog, and my life, thanks to a brief comment from my friend and blog reader Sara. When I wrote my list of favourite things, I included a number of places. It was getting in to awkward territory, I must admit. There are so many places on this earth that I love, where do you start and where do you end? It's a topic that really requires its own list. The places that I listed were places I have loved for a long time, have been to many times, have feasted on over and over through many years. There are other places that I hold dear for all kinds of reasons... and I dare not even begin to list them. 

The hope, too, when I wrote my favourite things list, was that I would be reminded of all that it is good to be alive for in this world, my world, and so the locations on my list are mostly close to home. I don't know if I will ever get back to Clapham Common in London, or that little hill above the water in Italy that we loved, or (no I shouldn't have started!), but I do have much here to enjoy.

Sara commented that, living in another city, she was not familiar with many of the locations I had on my list, and I later thought, I should make her familiar! So here begins a new photographic project - showing you some of my favourite places. There are eight on my favourite things list. Two are out of town (if you include Pukeiti rain) so it may be years before I photograph them all. One is the top of Mt Kaukau, and I fear that means I should go to the top to take my photographs from there. But, you know, it's a gentle walk, I'll just have to get my act together.

And you know what else this does for me? It makes me get out there. Go to some of my favourite places. Drive, walk, look, love. Live a little. I actually went to Point Jerningham last Sunday on my own, to take photos, and discovered that my camera battery was flat when I arrived. But I didn't even swear or anything, it was so good just to be out in the world, living. I admired the view, enjoyed the drive around Oriental Parade, and even had a pork and apple sauce and spicy beetroot bun at the Waitangi Park Market. I had to hunker down occasionally and make myself enjoy it all. There were a lot of memories, a lot of lost dreams, a lot of Sunday-fun families out, all with husbands and fathers. But I went, and that's good isn't it?

And then I had to do it all again today, with kids and camera. Well, we didn't do the pork, but we had a lovely time at Point J - I'm so glad I had to go back with them. They were heaps of fun and they just loved it. It was good for us all.

So, Sara and all out-of-towners, may I present to you, Point Jerningham. It's the spot at the end of the peninsula just past Oriental Bay, our city beach and everyone's promenade-of-choice. Many in-towners won't have been there either as it's pretty out of the way. You have to park sneakily at Roseneath School and walk (legitimately) through the school grounds to get there (or walk up a different path off Carlton Gore Road from Oriental Bay). Oriental Parade was teeming with people, but we were blissfully alone.

Right out on the point is a very small parade ground, and two large sheds which contain cannons used for the Queen's 21 gun salute and other special occasions. There you will also find a most outstanding view of the most beautiful city and harbour in the world.

A panoramic view in two lines! Click on the image to see it enlarged. The city, then Mt Kaukau, then Ngauranga Gorge heading north. Along the bottom is the Hutt Valley, Eastbourne, then the Maupuia Peninsula and Shelly Bay.

Reuben: who cares about a view when there's dirt to play with?  Esther: a long climb back to the car. Yes I did offer to help, but she declined.

I did, as it happens, take a whole lot of photos of the kids, and there are some surprises in the mix. There's an awful lot that I want to show you I'm afraid, so they're going to get their own post. Pop back tomorrow to check them out. Thanks for coming!

You'll find this post and other favourite locations (yet to be photographed) listed under both Photographic Projects and Beauty - for obvious reasons I think. 


  1. Looks like a great day out! We'd love to climb up Mt Kaukau with you, although some of us are not very fit so we might lag a bit =0)

  2. Oh, lovely! I've never been there! Soon, soon, soon.

    I've also never climbed Mt Kaukau, I think, so add us to the list of company. And for the rest of the trips, too, if you ever want more peeps!

  3. lovely! i love the skyline walk. i am waiting for a free, fine day to walk it with my neighbour. i'd be really keen to hear your recommendations for anywhere in Europe, if you're to take us through your travels. my father-in-law was astonished last night when i told him i had not been to England, and spent a lot of time afterward telling me how important it is that i go.

    1. I could talk to you all week about it

    2. Guest post from the UK? I would start with Waterloo Bridge in central London.