Tuesday, 29 October 2013


 A  portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther: My 2 year old baby. Birthday presents, icecream cake, singing happy birthday: she has it all sorted. What a lovely little thing she is to celebrate, and in fact Reuben and I often whisper to each about how cute she is.
This morning she was making ridiculously loud noises, a cross between a motor bike engine and heavy metal singing ("singing"). After asking/telling her to be quiet three times she said "Mummy go other room." Well yes!

Reuben: I have always looked forward to being able to cook with my children, since long before I even had them. This week Reuben has started asking to help make dinner which is pretty great. I find help with baking a bit stressful and not so helpful quite often, depending on what sort of hurry I'm in, but help with dinner has on the whole been good. I get really excited about letting him do real life jobs that are just a little bit of a stretch for him. I let him put things in hot pans, get them out, stir, serve up, and once or twice have let him cut things up. One evening this week saw him cutting potatoes while I sat next to him eating cruskits. Now that's one significant role-switch.

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  1. love that Esther is an enthusiastic birthday celebrator. sounds like you all had a lovely birthday week! Well done Reuben on wanting to be of help in the kitchen - and it sounds like you actually are :)