Saturday, 7 December 2013

Kebab sticks and smoothies - dreaming big

Reuben and I were looking through a child-oriented recipe book the other day when he spotted a picture of meat and bread on kebab sticks. The bread, as I recall, was crispy little cubes, but Reuben wasn't worried about the details and was ecstatic about the idea of bread on kebab sticks.

I suggested that some fruit with the (buttered) bread might be quite nice, but he wasn't worried about those details either, and raced off to the kitchen to whistle up some afternoon tea. I remained on the sofa and kept quiet.

He soon returned with two kebab sticks threaded with plain crooked squares of bread, and presented one proudly to Esther. A true feast.

A few days later I got to have my turn - let loose and dream big. I had been thinking of banana sandwiches for afternoon tea, and they somehow turned in to sandwiches on sticks. Butter and honey sandwiched in to bread, with sliced banana and strawberry. A feast for the eyes as well as little tummies.

Before I was a Mama I never dreamed of how hard it would be. But I did dream of doing the fun stuff like this. It's nice to be able to squeeze it in every now and then.

We've been doing a lot of smoothies lately too, they're becoming a staple mid-afternoon pick-me-up. We're loving bananas, berries, mangoes, apricots, peaches... and some of my friends venture in to the world of green veggies. Anything goes. And I always make sure there's some leftover for me too, it's hard to get through an afternoon without one.


  1. Ah, how easily we overlook that food preparation is wonderful fun, with a purpose at the end. You can't eat lego, or drawn pictures, or Brain Box! And it's an integral part of self sufficiency being developed. Love the photos.

  2. I love it Angela! Aren't kids just delightful how thrilled they can be by something as simple as ripped up bread presented differently? I'm digging out the kebabsticks tomorrow!! And you're so right about being able to "squeeze in" the fun stuff every now & then - it's so easy to fill the day with kid/house related "jobs" & not have any time for the fun. Hope you find time for some more fun tomorrow xx

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  4. These photos made me giggle. Gorgeous!

    Let me assure y'all that you can't taste the green in a green smoothie :) Esp if it's something mild-tasting like broccoli - I've put half a head in before with no one guessing it was there :) Spinach is more obvious visually but not taste-wise. My boy thinks green smoothies are awesome (he's more attracted to them than I am, I'll admit) :)


  5. Food on sticks! Always better.

    I should try that with my two. Though I think they'd probably like Reuben's version better than the pretty one. Philistines.