Friday, 27 December 2013


  A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther: Her kind and caring little soul has been reaching out to Reuben lately too. He fell and hurt his knee recently and she sat beside him and asked if she could give it a rub. The last couple of days have shown a more raucous kind of caring, she races up to him shouting, "wee wa wee wa wee wa" (her impression of an ambulance. I have been known to do the same), bends down in front of him and says, "what's wrong?"

Reuben: I think we can say he is reading. Not books, but, you know, words. He has for a while now been sounding out words and figuring them out, but lately he has started just announcing the word. Tonight he looked at a word on the back of a book and said "does that say 'jam?'" He's been doing a bit of this lately. Hoorah, how exciting! It's amazing how much it signifies how much my little boy has grown, and how the only way from here is up. If I could just take some regular time to sit and teach him a little more, he'll be flying.

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