Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pukeiti - favourite places

While on holiday we visited Pukeiti, one of my favourite places in the world, and the home of long ago family memories. Pukeiti rain featured on my list of favourite things, but in its place I am quite happy to be featuring Pukeiti sunshine here instead. The rain was lovely to listen to, tucked up in the Lodge - my grandparent's home - when I was little, but the truth is I would prefer a day like this...
This one's for you family.

Don't miss the attempted sibling pic where we used to have our cousin photos taken.


You'll find this post and other favourite locations (yet to be photographed) listed under both Photographic Projects and Beauty - for obvious reasons I think.


  1. Ah, updated memories. More modern camera, photographer with a great eye, beautiful location. All in one series of photos. Great work.

  2. I love everything about this post! The pics at the giant Rata brought a tear to my eye. Love the ones at the waterwheel too. If only there were some shots of cream teas served under the Lodge... :)

  3. lovely photos ... telling so many stories I'm sure :) Nice to see NZ bush too!

  4. Gorgeous - all pink and green loveliness. Even extended family can appreciate these pics and the sentiments that they evoke. Thank you, Angela