Friday, 3 January 2014

Summer holiday humour

We're back! Or should I say, we're still here! In the last month we have moved out of home, settled in to Nana's, put in an offer on a house and lost out, celebrated Christmas, been on an extraordinary holiday, landed at Wellington airport in 140km per hour gales, and found ourselves in a new year.

It's nice to be back. I have plenty to write about. I hope you will humour me over the coming weeks. I have that modern day problem of having millions of photos that sit quietly on my computer and are rarely seen... so you will find an awful lot of them on here with my next few posts. And there are as many thoughts swirling around in my head that I would love to share after these crazy weeks. Mind you, I do often think of this blog as simply a personal journal, and I love to record life. Personal, but not private, so join in if you wish.

As I have said before, this is no place to display my family life and trick you in to thinking how wonderful it is. It's a place to remind me that there is some wonderful in life. Photos can be extra tricksy. We have had some glorious times and some very difficult ones, and I tend to get out my camera for the best of them. I don't really get snapping when I'm busy snapping at the children (ha ha, speaking of tricksy), when Reuben is pestering Esther, when noone will go to sleep or do what they're told, or when the tears flow. All those things are mixed up in the coming posts too, just somewhere off camera. But the good is very good, and it is good for me to remember that.

I've learnt a few things over the last month:

  • Cherries are best eaten naked*
  • Removing all the furniture from your house is a great (yet high effort) way to get it vacuumed properly.
  • My children love bumpy aeroplane landings as much as their mother and maternal grandmother do.
  • Holidays without Kent are like life without Kent- so very hard and yet still so very precious.
  • Christmas without sugar is pretty much impossible. 
  • The entire contents of my home takes up 40 cubic metres.** 

*  I think this really only applies to the under fives.
** Ok, apart from the various items stashed in corners of my parents' houses.

  • It is not only my love for my children that will get me through, it is their love for me.

What lessons have you learnt over the last few weeks?


  1. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to hearing your musings over the coming weeks. You've been missed. I learnt that every house with resident children needs a trampoline! Oh how we've enjoyed the moments (and it really has been moments with all this rain) of peace inside while they squeal joyfully outside. Not sure how much the neighbours have appreciated it though.

  2. A holiday at home is a truly relaxing thing
    gardening only once a year isn't often enough to keep things under control
    burning a strip on my back where my top didn't quite meet my shorts HURTS!!
    running in the rain makes me feel alive
    chocolate raisins enhance any day
    if I'm staying away from home I need to take my own pillows
    trying new things is refreshing
    a day in PJs reading is a luxury I should indulge in more often
    celebrating the special people in my life is a really really good thing
    choosing to be present rather than perfect is the better choice
    time to reflect is valuable in moving forward
    sleep is delicious

  3. Rachel Broadbent3 January 2014 at 17:44

    Made me smile from cheek to cheek. And felt the pricks of a few tears too. So glad you had some special times. Missing you and desperately in need of a catch up. Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful photos. Much love

  4. welcome back! I hope you are all settling in to your new, temporary home. Can't wait to hear more about holiday. what a wonderful list of gems to have learned :)