Wednesday, 20 November 2013


  A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther: I was crying the other day. In her room, as it happened. She came to the almost closed door. "Me come in?" She came in and stood beside me. "Me rub Mummy back. Make Mummy better. Mummy want big Daddy. Rub Mummy back." She stroked my bare arm. "Me pat Mummy arm." She went and got a stool so she could climb up on to her change table and stand up and look at the photos of Daddy, while I watched. "Mummy not crying anymore."

Reuben: On the same day, not surprisingly, we had pizza delivered for dinner. It's the first time we've done that. We've had Thai takeaways before, but never food delivered to the door. Reuben was fascinated. "What number did you ring? You didn't tell them what we wanted on it did you? How do they know where we live?" He sat at the window with a towel wrapped round himself and I kept telling him to keep wrapped up. Just as the delivery guy arrived I was trying to get Reuben's pyjama pants on which really wasn't working out. He raced to the door behind me with has pants still round his ankles, and I whipped them up just as we go to the open door. Ah, Reuben, I'm sure pizza delivery will be a concept you become familiar with, just from now don't ever go to the door naked.

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