Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Morepork in the trees

There's a morepork in the trees
When I go for my night time wees
It's making quite a racket
Across the evening breeze.

But it's a rather lovely sound
Shall we take a look around?
See if we can find it
Somewhere across town.

You head out to the gate
And if you don't mind the wait
I'll just get my dressing gown
Gosh, it is rather late!

We'll head on down the street
Oops, I'm in my bare feet!
We need to cross the railway line
We've got a morepork to meet.

There it is! On the hill!
Keep quiet and still!
It's looking down at me
Oh what a thrill!

But I'm starting to nod my head
I think that instead 
Of staying here a while
We should get back to bed.


  1. That's Reuben's night time wees by the way! I tend not to write poetry about mine. If I have any. Oh dear this is not going well.