Monday, 25 November 2013

Garden photography

I escaped the house while waiting for the kids to chatter themselves to sleep last night, and it was good to be outside. If you must know, I was actually emptying the rubbish and the compost when I found something that made me want to get my camera out, and once it was out I didn't want to put it away. It's a really good feeling - finding something I really enjoy doing and don't want to stop. That doesn't seem to happen often, and needs to be recorded here if I'm talking about things that make it good to be alive.

These photos are achieved through a combination of my great new camera, the extension tubes I bought a while ago, and my very shabby but still lovely garden. I'm really going to miss it.

I have a very similar photo that I took in Kew Gardens, London. Kent later had it printed on canvas for me and it now hangs in my dining room. Seeing this round by the compost heap is what made me get my camera out, though it will never take over from the great-memories-photo that hangs on my wall.

I had to stop breathing for a bit to get the focus right.

The little pink rose that my aunty bought for me when Kent was diagnosed.


This beautiful, old-fashioned, strongly-scented rose grows just outside our kitchen window. It's been badly neglected this year I'm afraid, but it seems that if you look closely the beauty remains.

The flower and fruit from our mandarin tree. The fruit are sour as sour and only my mum and Shaughny and Bree are willing to have a go at eating them. They smell fantastic when you mow over the fallen ones under the tree.

L. - A wattle. R. - The beginnings of an apple that the new owners will get to enjoy.

 Iceberg rose, complete with bugs. This pic is for Kent, he loved our roses. 


Moss on the cherry tree.

You didn't think I only had plants in my garden did you?


  1. Wish I could get a cutting off that rose outside the kitchen window. Not much scent but exquisitely pretty colour and form

  2. a lovely tribute to your wonderful back garden and so many good memories for you all I'm sure!.. btw I've even used those very pegs of yours :)

  3. Great material, brilliant photography