Thursday, 1 August 2013


  A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther: saying new words at such a rate, I can no longer keep a record of them. This week's favourites: "baked beans" and "Nutmeg" (Gran's cat).

Reuben: not only connected most of my Freeview box for me this week, also had a couple of rather successful (slightly assisted) turns at changing Esther's nappy. Yuusss! Double awesome.


  1. I was impressed with the Freeview progress, but that pales into comparison with having another NAPPY CHANGER in the house!

  2. And can I say, as well as the portraits being a great idea, the one sentence snapshot of each child each week is brilliant. Too often I wait to save up more info for family emails - a little weekly capsule is very good.

    1. Yes it seemed like a little aside, but as I considered what to write I realised how valuable it would be. I've always had a near-panic desire to record life, perhaps this will help a little.

  3. Loving this already :)

  4. lovely idea - lovely pics :) well done R with helping mummy!!