Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cashew Nut Butter

Hi Cook's Spongers, this might be a relief for you. Let's duck the question of sugar alternatives for the moment. I've discovered a great savoury snack. Actually "discovered" is not the word, and you probably all have a version of it that you use every day.

Reuben can't eat peanut butter as he's allergic to peanuts, but it occurred to me that he could of course try a different kind of nut butter. And it turns out it's really easy to make it at home. So we've been trying cashew nut butter. It's great for, and on, all kinds of things, but I love it as an option just on a bit of bread for afternoon tea. A great way to get the goodness of nuts in to the kids, and I'm happy to join them. It's just a pity Reuben doesn't like it. Ah well.


The easy instructions for making any kind of nut butter are... blitz the nuts and add a little oil until smooth. The added details are...

Cashew Nut Butter

A few handfuls cashew nuts*
A drizzle of oil

Chop nuts with a sharp knife to make the blitzing a little quicker and easier.
Put in to stick blender or mini chopper. 
Blitz the nuts while adding a few drops of oil. 
Adding oil makes the blitzing easier, but you don't want to add too much, so go slowly until you have the consistency you want. 
Blend until as smooth or chunky as you desire.

* Buy roasted and salted nuts. Or roast the nuts at home before starting, and add a little salt to taste once blended.


  1. Looks wonderful! Gimme, gimme!

    And well done on producing beautiful, inviting photographs of what is essentially brown goop :)

  2. Hi Angela,

    just found your blog. My Reuben (7) is allergic to dairy (anaphylactic) and also was allergic to peanuts and cats when he was younger. It doesn't look like he'll outgrow his dairy allergy though. I'm enjoying having a look through your blog and your yummy foodie posts. I sometimes blog about yummy food and allergies too.


    1. Welcome! Sorry to hear about your Reuben's dairy allergy - I have a friend with the same and it is quite a challenge. I'm interested about him outgrowing the peanut allergy, I haven't had much hope that my little guy will outgrow it but perhaps he will. Enjoyed looking round your blog this morning. Beautiful pics (and boys!).