Thursday, 1 August 2013

Botanical Gardens, late July

I had a little seed of an idea a couple of weeks ago and it was a nice one, so I thought I should really run with it. Reuben and Esther and I were in the Botanical Gardens, it was mid July, and I was aware of how they were sitting quietly (the gardens, not the children), on the brink of spring, when they would burst in to colour and life. How nice it would be, to document the bursting. So that's what I am doing. It strikes me as a project that will not only be interesting, photography-wise, but good for the soul. Aren't I a good girl, for following it up? So may I present to you, Wellington Botanical Gardens, in Winter:


  1. flipping heck. some lovely subjects and compositions there :)

    1. Yes not a bad spot eh? Speaking of flipping heck, I had intended to caption these pics. I don't suppose you need any introduction. Did you spot the sleeping hydrangea?

    2. hm, is there a way you or i can set this thing so i'll get a notification of a reply to something i've written? just dropped in to have a look at these photos again. what caught my eye most were the magnolia petals already on the ground. it's so early in the year for them to be in bloom, let alone dropping petals! also the gorgeous angles on those branches and trunks.

    3. Glad they were good enough to come back! Yes, it's not very obvious, but if you click on "subscribe by email" down to the bottom right, that will do the trick.