Thursday, 29 August 2013

Doing it different

I was sitting on the floor picking up some old spoons that I use in food photographs (someone had pulled them out of the sideboard and made a mess) when I was struck with quite a revelation. I'd much rather eat with old cutlery - like those lovely sets they have in the second hand shop up Cuba St, you know, white bone handles, the kind your Grandparents had - than the run of the mill "modern" Briscoes kind of cutlery.

It got me thinking about what I'd like to do differently. Differently to the norm I mean, different to what "everyone else" does, or at least many of the people in the world I live in. I like to shower at night, and not in the morning. I'd rather buy second hand furniture than new. I let my kids jump on the sofa. I decorate my home with cottage-y things and even (argh!) pretty, girly stuff. I plan for my children to not do any homework during their primary school years (now there's a topic!). I have never made and decorated a cake in the shape of, well, anything other than a cake, and I have no desire to (though I will if my kids really want me to). For twenty years now I have wanted desperately to not settle for my adult life in suburbia (hmmm, I don't think that's going to work). I'm not a fan of pumpkin soup (I know, I know, I'm sorry).

No doubt some of you will feel the same way as me on some of these things (thanks, Rachel, for the sofa sessions in times gone by), but not all. I guess because we're different.

I think I'll keep thinking. I might need to get my notebook out again. It's a little bit interesting. It's good to think about being different in a good way. Not in a school playground you're a weirdo way, but in a hey, this is the way I'm made and I like it like that way.

What do you like to do differently? What makes you different? Different in a good way (in your opinion). Different because you like it like that. Different not because everyone else is getting it wrong, but because that's the way you're made.

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  1. Well I'm finding this question way harder than the favourite things one! Will need to think on it some more ...