Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My overflowing fruit bowl

Here's a little beauty. I've really been trying to keep my eye out for some, and this arrived on my porch yesterday. "Oh wow" said Esther when she saw it all piled in to the bowl.

And a pretty bowl of fruit is made twice as beautiful by the fact that it was given to me by a woman I don't really know at all (a good friend's good Mum). Who knows our story and wants to contribute something. And by offering to regularly drop off some great locally grown produce on a regular basis 1 1/2 years after Kent died she is acknowledging that we are still struggling and in need of care.

This fruit arrived the same day as 4 frozen chicken lasagna dishes from another friend who does this and many other lovely things for me. I'm sorry that frozen lasagna is less photogenic, but boy will it taste amazing.

It's good to be looked after.


  1. Extremely photogenic fruit!
    It's good to look after the looker afterer ...

  2. what good people :)