Friday, 16 August 2013


A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Esther: With all our events over the past week she has been left in a room full of people without me a couple of times. Rather than crying, she droops her lips, lowers her eyes and drops her shoulders. And looks so neglected! We've had some extra nice snuggles to make up for it. Even through this, a bad experience, I am learning more about what makes her who she is. Here she is demonstrating how good life is most of the time. I think she was laughing at Reuben falling over actually.

Reuben: What a delight he has been this birthday week. Confident, grown up, hilarious, full of rhyming words (always a sign that he's in a good mood), speaking nicely, sharing toys.


  1. It's an introvert-extravert photo swap!

  2. Oh, and I started a new blog today (just a private one) stealing this idea for my whanau. Thanks for the inspiration!