Thursday, 24 July 2014


    A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Reuben: Here he is making "play clay" very early in the morning. We had a bit of a disastrous haircut that needs to be rectified, but it did make for a hilarious visit to the hairdresser. He is very opinionated about what he wants - what is where we get in to trouble - and was explaining how close he wanted his fringe to his eyebrows. He kept lifting and dropping his eyebrows, and when the hairdresser asked to keep them still, he held them up high, with his eyes popping out of his head, for ages. The hairdresser and I were laughing so hard that I was crying and she had to stop cutting and bend over double for a while.

Esther: This week's addition to her vocab is "absolutely," which I just love, especially as she uses it in her own way. The other day she had been looking for something and came running out to Grandad and shouted, "I absolutely found it!"

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