Thursday, 31 July 2014


 A portrait of my children every week for a year.

Reuben: It's been so lovely seeing this big fish in a little pond lately. Arriving at kindy as a 3 yr old he was so reluctant to hang out with other kids, and now watching him goof around with other boys and girls, and use silly words, and even be told by his teachers to settle down, is just wonderful. What a long way he has come.

Esther: It seems we have other children in our house. Well actually, Esther has them at her house. She often talks about her friends, or her girls, or her kids. And apparently she has her own house, and will regularly say "I have that at my house." Sometimes it's almost rather useful, as it is something that I have lost or need. The other day I was explaining to Reuben about something that they have in other countries, but not here in NZ. "I have another country at my house," Esther announced. I must say it didn't go down very well with Reuben. He tried really hard to explain why that wasn't possible, but Esther wasn't very receptive.

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