Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Shelving it

 For years now I have been totally obsessed with The Design Sponge's Sneak Peeks - a place where you can check out the interiors of some gorgeous homes that generally belong to arty/crafty/designer-y people. They're always lovely and outrageously tidy, but they're real and full of personality and often second hand bits and pieces, which I love.

I admit I often wonder what they look like when they're really being lived in and there are no cameras around. I always like to think there's a heap of mess pulled in to a pile somewhere just behind the camera. I've often thought it would be fun to (tidy like crazy and) take some photos of my house looking beautiful. I've been wondering recently about sharing pics of my new home, so many of my distant friends have been asking for photos. Despite everything that I put out there, I'm not entirely sure about sharing my home in such a public place and have been tossing and turning (in daylight hours only) about it.

But I have a come up with a solution, and think I will give you some glimpses in to my home with some close-up pics... not as invasive as it sounds! And if you'd like to see the big picture, pop in, friends, when you are in town, and check it out in person.

Today, though, is less about the house, and more about the shelves. I have been a little fixated on shelving lately, as I have loads of shelves, new and old, and loads to put on them. Here's a look - if you're keen - at what I have done with some of my shelves around the house.
A rather busy top shelf in the family room. The kids and I fell in love the ceramic origami animals (I fall in love with anything white and ceramic). The dandelion canvas is something Kent had made as a surprise for me from a photo I took in Kew Gardens. The other is a photo of some beautiful flowers from a very thoughtful friend. The paper lampshade and glass tumblers made it safely all the way home in boxes from London.

I have lots of useful boxes for storing things on these shelves near my desk

And this pot hides the key to my lockable cabinet so the kids can't find it and won't open up my cupboard (ha ha ha ha ha - who was I kidding?!).

Small glass bottles, another obsession of mine. Mum found the small kina on an eastern Wairarapa beach. One of Kent's guitar picks.

These white shelves are in the lounge, and they're home to quite a few books as well as other pretty things. I took the paper covers off a number of books because they look nicer without, though I'm sure that's a big no-no.

This is a second hand mantlepiece that I bought off Trade Me for $100 and had attached to the wall. I always thought if I didn't have a fireplace I would fake a mantel! It looks like it has been there forever. I like the history and memories in things. The glass bowl on the right is from a wonderful trip to Copenhagen. The butterfly print behind it is from a little paper shop in Wimbledon, and the white vases are an Ikea purchase. Mum gave me the birch candle holders, and the lampshade on the left is attached to a wooden lamp stand that I grew up with. This is why I like having things around me!

My awesome Dad put up some shelves in the kitchen just above a bench top that gets laden with all kinds of stuff. I need to make these shelves work hard to try and keep the surface underneath tidy. The green salt timer is a very useful tool in communicating to the kids. The white bowl and cup, like many bowls in my house, hides little bits of junk - usually related to toys or household items that I can't quite identify. The straws get used often to liven up another round of water or milk.

Yes, another bowl, from another lovely friend. My well-used notebook, where I note my favourite things and ridiculous rhymes for the kids. There was a phase where we poured our milk regularly from that glass bottle, but that seems to have faded out..

Household stationery and bitsy things, and my beautiful icecream scoop. That hasn't had a work-out in a while.

These are my main bookselves in the hallway, but there are still some spots to hide stuff away.

Kent messed around with Tolkien's name years ago, and I had to keep it. 

Postcards framed and with more memories attached.

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And on the topic of shelves and their contents, I do have on more thing to say - DUSTING!


  1. I feel like I have just spent a few moments on Pinterest browsing through beautiful homes. I love how everything has a little story. The very same reason I love to collect beautiful things. And, I really must come visit in person! Although I'll have to try very hard not to covet all of your design inspiration.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Gorgeous images, each and every one. You would laugh if I took a photo of my shelves right this very minute. There's a sports trophy with its soccer ball snapped off it, higgledy-piggledy books, and Weetbix heroes cards on one of them and that's probably the tidy one. Keep them coming, we aren't voyeuristic, we're simply appreciators of lovely things displayed well.

    1. Ha ha - yes new home here, no doubt that will come. Reuben has sellotaped his swimming certificates to the most extraordinary places. I know, I love my readers, even those gorgeous ones I haven't met yet!

  3. Oh my. Absolutely STUNNING. So beautiful!

    You have such a wonderful eye for putting things in groups that just FIT.

    Love love love the books mixed in with the treasures.

    So inspiring. Thank you.

  4. Your shelves are a window into your soul :) love seeing this. well done. Can't wait to visit in person!!
    had to laugh at your comment on dusting - one reason I have tried to reign in my nic-nac keeping ways... but I am sure you are better at keeping on top of the dust than I!

    1. I can't wait! I'm hopeless at dusting! I've had help for the last couple of years, so it will be interesting to see how I get on now... don't look too closely!