Sunday 25 August 2013

Lessons in party planning

We had a party at our place a while ago. You will have seen somewhere along the way that Reuben had his 4th birthday recently. I didn't write a post about it because, well, just because I had a fun time, that doesn't make it an interesting read for you. And let it be said, I don't write this blog and include pretty pictures just to try and make you think I have a beautiful life, but to remind me that there is beauty in this life.

But as it happens, I do have something interesting to say about the party. Lucky you.

It will come as no surprise to you that I really like things to look nice. This is not something I'm ashamed of, though that, and the suggestion that I might be, is perhaps a post for another day. And of course, I like my food at a party to look nice.

We are surrounded by elderly neighbours at our place, and I love them all. They are almost always home and available for a chat over the fence, and they dote on the kids. And as it happens they're all hard of hearing, so they don't hear when I shout at the kids. Ha! One of them, on hearing that we were having a party for Reuben, offered to make cupcakes.

I have a terrible attitude to getting help from outside the home when it comes to food and special occasions. I just have this thing where I want all the food to match, and to look good. To match in flavour, not just prettiness, but, you know... both. As so often happens, I said I had it under control and would let her know if I needed help. But after reflecting on it for a few days, I didn't particularly like my reaction so I sucked it up and told her I would love her to make some cupcakes. I even managed to say that she could make whatever kind she liked, and decorate them however she liked. How's that?! She also came over to our place and helped me to ice mine. I was tired and overworked and needed a helping hand, and she was right there.

We had a lovely time working in my kitchen together. The sun was out and so were the kids - she enjoyed watching them playing in the garden while she iced. We chatted about all kinds of things as we always do, I really enjoy conversations with her. On the morning of the party we picked up her cupcakes, decorated with "R"s and "4"s and Reuben's favourite colour, red. Later in the week, post-party, we made a thank you card and took it over to her. Reuben and Esther crashed around her lounge, putting cushions on the floor and rolling on them, picking up her tiny china animals off the shelf and talking non-stop. I sat on the edge of my chair, trying to keep a control on things and avert disaster. And my neighbour looked on loving every minute of it.

And you know what? I could have just made all the cupcakes myself. Just think what we all would have missed out on.

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  1. A great reminder, thanks. I'm going to look out for these opportunities.

  2. Isn't it great to have wonderful neighbors. Cupcakes sound far more appealing than the garish and tacky mythical figurines that get brought round every so often by the sweet lady next door to us. Today it was three porcelain fairies, three large framed fairy illustrations, and a huge bag of old women's day magazines. The sentiment was appreciated. Well done you for letting go and accepting help.

  3. Brilliant. You made Lois's day - two days.

  4. Hannah, you made me laugh OUT LOUD. Sorry...

  5. Yes that is outstanding Hannah. Really quite something.

  6. A great reminder that beautiful relationships come in all shapes and sizes :)